Weekly Photo Challenge – Collage – Pittencrieff House

Pittencrieff Manor House in Dunfermline, built in 1610

Pittencrieff House, which stands in Pittencrieff Glen, is a 17th century manor house which was transformed into a museum, by Robert Lorimer (1912-13), when Andrew Carnegie gave Pittencrieff Park to Dunfermline in 1903. The building consists of an oblong main block, lying E-W, with an rectangular stair-way projecting from the middle of the S side. When built by Sir Alexander Clerk in 1610, it was three storeys in height. In 1731, the roof was raised and another storey added.

The exterior of the house was then authentically restored (harled) in 2010, to mark its 400th anniversary.

A document from the Scottish Record Office, has this fascinating note in it, recording its purchase in the mid 18th century

“1761. Captain Archd Grant of Papin, with Colquhoun Grant (ws), 6 June, offers ?11,000st. for estate now in the hands of Col. Forbes, “a pretty good” house, coal on lands but so far unworked. A rush offfer on impulse: he completes purchase very quickly and returns with wife (who is Irish) to Dublin (till end of year, when they return to Edn. to start take-over).”


As part of this weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, I’ve included two collages of the above photo.

All Mixed Up - Pittencrieff House in Dunfermline
All Mixed Up – Pittencrieff House in Dunfermline


All Mixed Up (Version 2) - Pittencrieff House in Dunfermline
All Mixed Up (Version 2) – Pittencrieff House in Dunfermline



19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Collage – Pittencrieff House

    1. Thanks Roda, I’m having great fun with collage makers this weekend, it’s not really anything I’ve tried before! I must confess to being a bit of a snob, when it came to photo collages, but I now take it all back, I love them! Lol! 🙂

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    1. Glad you like them Amy, I might try a slightly more imaginitive collage next time, the idea of doing them is totally new to me. And you’re most welcome for the wee bit of accompanying history 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t realise it was fun either Laura! I had a go tonight using Gimp (my post after this one), but it wasn’t the most successful thing ever! Lol! 🙂


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