Sunset over Anstruther, Fife

Sunset over the fishing town of Anstruther

Anstruther is a small fishing town on the south eastern shores of Fife. On the left of the photo, sea fog can be seen building up in the Firth of Forth, the photo was taken on a cold winters day.

4 thoughts on “Sunset over Anstruther, Fife

  1. So Beautiful Picture , Really the sunset is so good to watch. I appreciate your hard work and efforts. It Really Inspired me and how it would be if we could connect and work. Let’s Contribute to raise others as good Photographers. Have a look on my work at and Let me Know how is it and Really would love to hear from Photographer like you. Thank You Keep Sharing Your Work


    1. Thanks Nitin 🙂
      I had a quick look at your website, it looks very good…………..plenty of useful information and tips, and put in a nice concise way. But one word of caution, if you use other photographer’s photos on your posts, make sure you seek their permission first, and then give them proper attribution for the photo! For example, the photo used on your ‘Street Photography’ post was taken by Rob ONiell, called ‘Collecting Water’ and it is found on 500px ( The best way around this, is to use all your own photos!


    1. Thank you very much 🙂 Don’t worry about the spider, they are quite friendly really 🙂
      I see from your blog you’re walking part of the AT, I’ll have a proper look tomorrow, I immediately recognised the shelters on your latest post – I’ve only just finished reading ‘A Walk in the Woods’ 🙂


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