North Carr Lightship, Dundee

North Carr Lightship, Dundee City Harbour

This photo was converted to a black & white image using the Nik Silver Effex Pro software.

The boat in the photograph is the North Carr Lightship. She is the last remaining Scottish boat of this nature. She was built in 1933, and was in service anchored off Fife Ness until 1975.
The lightship was the subject of a tragic rescue mission. In the middle of the winter of 1959, the North Carr broke her moorings and began to drift in heavy seas. The Broughty Ferry lifeboat, (The Mona), was launched, but tragically, her crew of eight was lost, when the Lifeboat capsized. The Lightship and its crew survived and after repair was towed back to its station.
Post 1975, the North Carr was used as a museum in Anstruther for the years after she left service, but was purchased in 2010, from the scrapyard, for £1 and funds were sought by the Taymara charity to restore her as an exhibition space on the Dundee waterfront, where she can be seen today.


Colour Photo of the North Carr Lightship in Dundee
Colour Photo of the North Carr Lightship in Dundee

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