Cuinin Hill Lane, near Markinch, Fife

Cuinin Hill Lane, near Markinch, in Fife

This photo is of a lane, which leads from Markinch, up Cuinin Hill, towards the village of Star. According to the Ordnance Survey Name Books for Fife & Kinross 1854, the word Cuinin derives from the word Cuinny (possibly same as coney) meaning rabbit. A quote from the aforementioned text, reads as follows –

A considerable eminence, N.E. [North East] of Markinch Village, partly covered with Wood etc. – deriving its name in consequence of the innumerable number of Rabbits that harbour therein. From the top of this hill a most extensive and beautiful view is to be obtained.”

This was written by William Ballingal Esqr, in 1854.

This photo, taken in early March 2017, was enhanced using the Nik Collection HDR Pro software.

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