Stewart’s Melville College, Edinburgh

Stewart's Melville College, Edinburgh

Stewart’s Melville College was originally built as a hospital for the ‘needy’ boys of Edinburgh, in 1855, but it was turned into “Daniel Stewart’s College for Boys” in 1870. Daniel Stewart was a wealthy Scottish business (the boss of the Merchant Company of Edinburgh) who made most of his money through trading in India.

The college became the Stewart’s Melville College in 1972, when it merged with Melville College. The photos show one of the two towers, which dominate the building, which was designed by David Rhind, a prominent Victorian Scottish architect.

Back of Stewart's Melville College, Edinburgh
Back of Stewart’s Melville College, Edinburgh



16 thoughts on “Stewart’s Melville College, Edinburgh

    1. The Victorians certainly knew how to build Roda, unlike many architects/builders these days. I wish we still built buildings in this country that were designed to last for centuries. Nowadays, it seems to be all about maximising profits, rather than making a structure that will last into the 24th century!

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    1. Thanks Su 🙂
      I wonder if the kids are ever allowed to roam in those parts of the building……………..I imagine the main tower will contain bells, most these old schools used bells rather than alarms to mark end’s of periods, school days etc.


    1. We certainly did have some cracking weather, it was clear skies for much of the day, and warm with it 🙂 I must do a post with some more photos from that day, Lorna, I did another photo with some leaves on a paving slab in the Grassmarket, and the colours in that particular photo seem to have come out brilliantly, better than the tree in this post 🙂


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