Tankers on the Forth

Tankers on the Firth of Forth

I took the original photo (below) of these tankers on the Firth of Forth, from the harbour at Kinghorn, back in 2013, using my Nikon Coolpix L25 compact camera. The photo itself was okay, but nothing special. At this point in time, I used the black & white setting on the camera, not realising you get a much better photo by taking it in colour, then converting it to B&W, using post photo editing software.

To get the above image, I used the motion blur setting in Gimp, after first cropping the image to remove excess sea and sky, duplicating the cropped layer, and applying the blur to the top layer. Whilst on this layer, I applied a layer mask, and uncovered the underlying tankers (sharp) from the layer below. I must admit, I was quite pleased with the resulting image. If anyone requires more precise instructions, please let me know in the comments below.

Tankers on Forth (original image)
Tankers on Forth (original image)



12 thoughts on “Tankers on the Forth

    1. Thank you Jane, I really appreciate you’re comments 🙂
      I used to think all the skill had to come from the original photo, but I’ve come to realise, that editing is an important part of making a photo look good 🙂

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  1. This is beautiful! Thank you for the really cool message you left me 🙂 Scotland is in my bucketlist, so I’ll make sure to let you know so that you can give me some tips about where to go and do. And, well, I kind of relate about unusual subject to photograph, I’m starting to have a pretty interesting gallery on Dutch canals and Dutch city life 😀

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    1. Thank you Veronica 🙂
      As an adopted Scot, my wife is Scottish, I’m actually Cornish, I can thoroughly recommend Scotland, it is an amzing place. I’ll certainly give you some ideas of things to see and do.
      I must dig deeper into your blog, to read some of your posts about Holland 🙂


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