Meerkats – Where is he??

Meerkat - Five Sisters Zoo


Where is he? Is he over here??

Meerkat (female) - Where is he, is he over here???
Meerkat (female)


Is he over there?

Meerkat - Is he over there???


Is he up here??Meerkat - Is he up here???


Will you make up your mind!!Meerkat - Will you make up your mind!


Maybe he’s down here!

Meerkat - Maybe he's down here!


NEVERMIND!!! I’ll just go and sit on this wall and look cute 🙂

Meerkat - Nevernind, I'll just go and sit on this wall and look cute



(NB – All the actors from this photoshoot were handsomely paid in a diet of insects, fruit, eggs and the occasional scorpion! And for all of you autograph hunters out there, the actors have taken up residence in Five Sisters Zoo, in West Lothian)



33 thoughts on “Meerkats – Where is he??

    1. Ever since there was a nature programme by David Attenborough back in the 80’s, meerkats have been one of my favourite animals Roda, so it was great to see them for real, albeit in a zoo – but they did have a nice large area to run around in, and dig etc 🙂

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  1. There’s your next post. A whole blog from a Meerkat.

    This was terrific and I have been in love with them since I was a kid in San Diego. The Meerkat enclosure at the zoo back then seemed a bit cruel but has been made much more Kat friendly now.

    Great Post and thanks for your comment on my blog. I’m still fairly new and learning.

    Think I’ll “follow” you for a bit!

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    1. Thank you for your kind comments, I know what you mean about the meerkats, I think they are amazing wee critters. I’m not into cuddly toys (plushies I think they now call them! Lol!), but when I saw a meerkat one, I just had to get it, it sits on the car dashboard in a corner! Lol!
      Now there’s a thought, to start a new blog written by, maybe a whole family of meerkats! But I think I’ll leave that one to those of you that are far more creative than me when it comes to the writing side of things! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Lorna, I’m glad you enjoyed the post, the meerkats are amazing!! They also had prairie dogs, but unfortunately it was raining, so I didn’t manage to get any photos – I was amazed, they are almost as cute as the meerkats! 🙂


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