Weekly Photo Challenge – Friend – Storm Brewing

A ‘friend’ is often thought of, as having to be a living thing, whether that’s a fellow human being or maybe your favourite pet. But of course, you can get quite attached to inanimate objects, or even phenomena, which in my case is storms.
Unfortunately we don’t get many good thunderstorms in Fife, but when I see the cloud beginning to build, it feels just like an old ‘friend’ coming to visit me!

Storm Brewing over Glenrothes
Storm Brewing over Glenrothes


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Friend – Storm Brewing

    1. Sounds like I would love Brisbane, Lucy, we definitely don’t get enough storms in this part of Scotland! I’ll have to keep a look out on your blog for some good storm photos 🙂
      As to my interpretation of the challenge, I try to be a little different at times, my dog Jake was going to be the subject, but I guessed a lot of people would do that……………mind you, I’m glad you shared the photo of Max with the rest of us 🙂

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