Dunfermline Abbey from Pittencrieff Park

Dunfermline Abbey - Viewed from Pittencrieff Park

Queen Margaret, the wife of King Malcolm III of Scotland, set up the original church/monastery at Dunfermline in the late 11th century. Her son, David I, continued the development of the priory and converted it, to it’s Abbey status, in 1128. The part of the building directly behind the main entrance shown in the photographs, dates from the early 12th century.


Front Entrance to Dunfermline Abbey
Front Entrance to Dunfermline Abbey


6 thoughts on “Dunfermline Abbey from Pittencrieff Park

  1. A lovely photo and interesting information about the founding of the abbey. The architecture of old religious buildings is always magnificent and perfect for photographers like you.

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    1. You certainly may reblog my photos Jonathan. I’m not sure if credit is given automatically with ‘Press This’, but I imagine it is. You can always add a link back to another blog with some basic HTML, I can show you how if you so require 🙂


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